Rainbow over the barn...

Free ranged chickens are happy chickens... Ours get outside time daily. No pale yokes here... The hens produce such a golden yoke it is orange.  

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Chicken breeds on the farm consist of Silkies, Marans, Crested Creambars. Easter Eggers, Sapphires ,Orpingtons, and a few Bramahs... We don't show but we have healthy stock.




The good luck of the rainbow maker above.... We produce enough eggs and chickens to share.  All stages  most often ready to sell.  (fertilizes eggs, chicks in the brooder, juvenile chickens and mature birds)

​Brooding Buddies division

 A Kentucky Hobby farm that has gone through many phases in the last 14 years... A  current participant in KY Llama and Alpaca Association, (KLAA)  A frequent visitor of Chicken Swaps. We have retired from raising Llamas , alpacas, sheep and goats, but may house a few from time to time. Continue to love animals. ....We focus primarily on chickens these days to allow for more people time and less on farming.